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Tree Care Services in Seattle, WA

Seattle Tree Preservation Inc employs highly skilled tree care specialist. Who can help you with :

Crown Cleaning and Crown Thinning:

The removal of dead, dying, diseased, crowded, weakly attached, low vigor branches, and water sprouts from the tree, shrub or hedge. The selective removal of branches to increase light and air penetration/circulation throughout the crown, or to lessen wind resistance and damage potential from storms. Thinning opens the canopy of a tree, reduces weight on heavy limbs, distributes light throughout the tree and helps restore the tree's natural shape.


This process involves the installation of high strength cables or state of the art COBRA nylon cables to support natural flaws in the tree's structure.


Bracing involves the installation of threaded steel rods through trunk and limb cracks or splits.

Crown Restoration:

This involves the re-structuring of the canopy of a previously topped tree by making crown cleaning and thinning cuts.

Crown Reduction:

Thins or heads back branches to reduce tree height and/or spread of the tree canopy by pruning back leaders to lateral branches. In most trees (exceptions being most fruit trees), this procedure is only done as a last resort instead of complete removal.

Tree Removal:

Although tree removal is a last resort, there are circumstances when it is necessary. An arborist can help you decide whether or not a tree should be removed. Arborists have the skills and equipment to safely and efficiently remove trees.
Removal is recommended when:
  • The tree is dead or dying
  • The tree is considered irreparably hazardous
  • The tree is causing an obstruction that is impossible to correct through pruning
  • The tree is crowding or causing harm to other trees
  • The tree is to be replaced by a more suitable specimen
  • The tree should be removed to allow for new construction

Stump Grinding:

This is a service we offer ONLY if we have removed the tree or if we are on site doing other work. We have two types of machines, Large tow-behind and Small self-propelled, so we can get to almost any size stump. All of our grinders run on soy-based bio-diesel.